Parecon over capitalism?

Participatory economics is a better system of economics

Compared to many other reigning models of economics, such as capitalism, participatory economics is a better system of economics. Unlike capitalism, participatory economics advocates for a more fair, just and equal society that is not divided by race, class, property and wealth. Capitalism, as an economic model continually perpetuates many of the injustices of the world today. In fact, many different injustices in the world such as poverty and homelessness are direct effects of capitalism. So only through the adoption of a new economic model will society be able to get rid of its many different problems. And one viable alternative is participatory economics. Here are a few reasons why you should choose participatory economics over capitalism.

 Capitalism is actually stealing from the poor

The large wealth gap that is seen in many countries is artificial. It is an effect of capitalism, which is why the wealth gap in many countries is so unparalleled large. Capitalism can be summed up as simply being theft. The poorest people, the ones who are the most vulnerable, are the ones without homes. And they are even the ones who die the most due to poverty as well. All of this inequality is largely due to the wealth gap. And that gap is an artificial product caused by the theft of capitalism from the poor to the rich.

 Capitalism causes problems among the individual people

It can cause a person to feel alienated from the society that they live in. The decisions that capitalism makes does not guide people towards personal fulfillment. Instead, the motives of people operating under capitalism are selfish and are not motivated by their drive to benefit society. By using a more egalitarian kind of economic system, such as participatory economics, people will be able to act more selflessly in society. Everybody will be able to seek the greater good and work towards the well-being of their fellow people rather than profit.

 Authoritarianism is another hallmark of capitalism

And many dictatorships have flourished under the conditions of capitalism. Capitalism inherently relies on authoritarianism to perpetuate its aims and goals. Under capitalism, only those who have the means of production will be empowered because they have a monopoly on all of the wealth and property. Workers have virtually zero say about what kind of conditions or wages they will labor for.

 Sexist and racist paradigms are also being created and perpetuated because of capitalism

The hierarchies and imbalances that seem natural in society are actually being caused and extended by capitalism. This is because those who rule, or those who have property naturally will exploit various imbalances in order to perpetuate their rule.

A more egalitarian and efficient alternative to capitalism would be participatory economics. This kind of society will not exploit others based upon their different identities. And it will also not cause various hierarchical imbalances because wealth will be spread amongst society. Everyone will get equal pay for the amount of labor and work that they do. Fewer resources are squandered and society will be more fulfilled under a participatory economic system.