Vision and strategy for Parecon

The Parecon group is one that is dedicated to advocating and developing the goals of changing society through the use of participatory economics. The group pursues the vision of the participatory economic plan according to the vision that is set out by the ideals of parecon. This vision is consistent with the values of the society that participatory economics will be built upon. Thus, there are also different strategies that should be learned by Parecon members, or anybody interested in it, if they would like to pursue that vision.

This is the page for the parecon community vision and strategy. On it, you will be able to get connected to various other links that related to te vision and strategies that are currently being used as part of parecon communities. These kinds of vision and strategies will include links to articles, debates, books, interviews, and other kinds of similar resources. You can also view different kinds of materials by selecting them by sub-topic. So if you would only like to get information about books, just choose the book sub-topic and you will find all of the books that are immediately related to participatory economics and the strategies that can be used to employ it.

You can also find other links to the communities on this website if you visit the sub-topic pages. Through these links, you can join in on the discussion with other parecon website members so that you can talk further in-depth about the visions and strategies that you may have for changing the economic models of the present times.

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You may also visit the participatory economics group forum if you wish to discuss, through this website, all of the economic ideas and strategies that you have in mind. The recent posts on that forum will be displayed on the top page. So if you would like to be able to participate in some of the freshest and newest discussion about participatory economics just check the top of the page of the forum to see some of the newest topics. The forum community is a great page for all of the members of this website. It will serve as a great place that can facilitate discussions and growth for the visions of parecon by its members.

Discuss further the ideals of participatory economics with the rest of the parecon community. In that community, many of the goals about parecon will be continually be envisioned. So there is a lot of discussion and fresh ideas that can be gained by visiting the community page of this website. The usefulness of parecon as a group is how effective it is in achieving the goals of participatory economics. So you should also learn about the different strategies that you will need to employ in order to do so.