Common questions and their answers

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This questions and answers page was compiled in part due to the many questions that we receive about what Parecon or participatory economics really is. Most of these questions were either taken from the forums of our community pages and also were taken from the many messages that were sent to the website as well. Hopefully, by reading through this myriad of questions and answers, you can get more clarity about whether or not participatory economics is really for you, or if it is a viable alternative to capitalism. Many of these questions are also from excerpts from the book that our website has compiled, which is Parecon: Life after Capitalism. Various other sources such as articles, reviews, and interviews, are also the main place that these questions have been taken from.

The database for this question and answer page is huge. However, despite being very numerous it still is being worked on. Most of the answers are still in the process of being written. New questions are also added all of the time, as more and more people ask relevant questions about participatory economics. You can also send ideas if you think that there are unanswered questions about participatory economics that need to be addressed by this page. We will incorporate those news questions onto this page and you can then read answers to the questions if we have finally come around to writing a response to the question that has been posed. Older answers will also undergo some revisions and also some refinement as well. So you may consider this questions and answers page a work in progress.

There are many different topics that will be covered by this questions and answers page. So a lot of topics will be covered, from introductory questions to more deep answers that require a lot of in-depth knowledge. And because there is a wide range of topics that are being covered, all of the questions have been organized accordingly. This will make it easier for you to browse through the different question topics depending on how much knowledge about economics that you have. You can get more answers to common questions that you may already have. Or if a particularly puzzling problem has presented itself to you, you may also look through the in-depth questions and answers page that we already have about parecon and other economic models. The summation of this questions and answers page will try to introduce, and even convince other people to try out participatory economics.

Answers to the questions about parecon will also link to materials concerning participatory economics, such as books, essays, and other kinds of sources. Economic critical theory and academic papers written by economists will also be cited as part of the answers to the questions. These kinds of sources will hopefully serve as proof of the validity of the answers that we have written about parecon. You can check out further information about formal academics and parecon, by checking out those links for yourself.