Counter-arguments for critics of Parecon

On this page, you will find articles and analysis that should help you formulate arguments for defending your position and that of parecon’s economic model as well.

Analysis and articles

The analysis and articles that are provided here can also be used as counter-arguments that you can present to critics on parecon. If you are ever in a debate about participatory economics and its viability and effectiveness compared to different economic models, you should check this page out. In it, you will be able to read about compelling arguments that you can effectively use to defend participatory economics from people that are critical of it.


You can check out the Parecon debates if you would like to see an expert, Michael Albert, take on other proponents of economics models, in a debate. In this debate, he will defend participatory economics from other proponents. He will be taking on arguments such as libertarian municipalism, marxism, primitivism and even social ecology. You will be able to learn a lot about defending Parecon from other arguments by taking a look at this debate and listening to his arguments. If you have ever struggled with arguing for participatory economics in a debate, this one could be a very useful resource for you.


You can also find an article that refutes some of the more common criticisms of participatory economics. And if you read this article, you will get to knows me quick answers that you can give to other people if you encounter the same criticisms over and over again. You will be able to also save yourself a lot of trouble because you can learn some very convincing answers and counter-arguments to some of the more common but persistent critics of participatory economics. With this kind of knowledge that you can learn from this article, you are going to be better equipped to handle any harsh critic of parecon.

 Parecon: Life after Capitalism

You may also take a look at the book Parecon: Life after Capitalism. This book is the basis for many of the ideas about participatory economics. And you will find a wealth of resources that can address some of the points that are touched upon by other critics of participatory economics. By reading this book you will be able to know more about the specifics of participatory economics. And if you know the specifics of participatory economics, you can actually defend it much better. It is essential that you read more on the foundations of participatory economics if you would actually like to defend it in arguments with other proponents.

You can find a lot of other resources about participatory economics. And all of these resources should help you better solidify your position when defending parecon from other critics who are proponents of different models of economic theory. You can find responses to the democratic nature of participatory economics and how it compares to other forms of economic theories, such as capitalism. Most of these articles and responses are written by economists and experts on parecon, so you can trust the validity of their arguments.