The name of our website Parecon is short for participatory economics. And we are a website that is dedicated to educating others about alternatives models to economics, such as participatory economics. We provide articles, interviews, videos, and all sorts of answers that you could be looking for in relation to participatory economics. If you are searching for a way to answer back to critics of participatory economics, and proponents of capitalism, we should be your go-to website. On our website, you will find all sorts of useful information about what participatory economics is truly about. The founder of participatory economics, Michael Albert himself, writes for this website. So you can rest assured that you will get to know everything about participatory economics through this website.

Participatory economics, or shortened to parecon, is a theorized economic model that is proposed as an alternative to capitalism. Historically, parecon shares many characteristics with the economic and political system called socialism. Shared property of production is one of the major tenets of parecon, and it is the guiding principle of many of the goals and visions that parecon members have. We hope that through the education that we can provide, parecon will slowly spread to the awareness of people. And through that spread of awareness hopefully, people will be able to adopt it more.

This is a website that is run by and part of ZCom. ZCom is a community of people that are closely affiliated with parecon goals. The vision that parecon has also guided those within Zoom as well. Our organization’s politics and the policies that we have are all inspired by the goals of parecon. The goals of which are a more egalitarian society based on the equal distribution of wealth. And we hope that through the use of parecon on smaller scales in society, that small change can have a huge impact overall on society at large.

The vision of parecon was started more than two decades ago. And since then support of parecon has only grown. However, the history of the growth of parecon is a long one filled with difficulties. And this is due to the fact that many capitalists have had a strong negative reaction to the politics of parecon, and there has been a lot of pushback to the spread and influence of parecon. Despite all of that pressure to fade, parecon has only been slowly flourishing. Perhaps this is proof of the fact of the appeal and rightness of the politics of this new economic idea.

Many people around the world, and not just in the U.S, are supporting parecon. And we hope that through this website, we will be able to facilitate parecon as part of the growth of our movement. We aim to spread our ideals through grassroots activist’s movements and other similar kinds of methods. And we hope that through this approach from the bottom to the top of society, we will be able to affect change on a much large scale that has never happened before.

Aside from the many sources and information that you can gain about parecon, this website also has got a forum community. You should join in on the community there if you would like to communicate with other like-minded individuals. You can also chat with thinkers, activists and other writers who are part of the parecon movement. You can do all of that and more through the community forums that we have. You will be able to learn a lot about parecon and the people part of the movement if you join in on our forums.

We have got regular writers such as Michael Albert as well. You can follow all of the writers and thinkers who regularly contribute content about participatory economics, politics, current events, and other kinds of content on this website. You will be able to get the latest information about any of the current economic and geopolitical events through the writers that we have on our website. You could potentially gain a lot of information and insight about the news, and you can also get it from another perspective if you read about it from the writers that we have on this website.

As an economic and activist movement, parecon is only growing! There is still a lot to do, however, so we hope that you will join us in righting the wrongs of capitalism. Join the parecon movement right now to make the world a more egalitarian and just place to live in.